NCMMA’s kids Jiu-Jitsu program in Brick, NJ is a challenging and fun class for children ages 5-12 that teaches children key concepts and techniques for de-escalating a situation and self-defense. Children learn through age-specific drills, games, and scenario training. Your child will receive stripes and new belts as they grow and learn. The instructor’s emphasis is squarely based on students being able to protect themselves as opposed to achieving belts or ranks. Jiu Jitsu shows children how to use balance and leverage to their advantage so they are able to protect themselves regardless of size, while also helping kids to understand that the best self-defense is the ability to diffuse a situation and walk away. Our progressing system of belts and stripes allows your child to have tangible evidence of their accomplishments, and will encourage them to stay on a path of health and fitness for a lifetime. pic 9                         pic 1