Martial arts classes build a strong base of basic skills through the use of defense drills and strengthening exercises. Nick Catone MMA concentrates on each student's development. Building on that initial success creates a lasting sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence. The classes themselves are designed to challenge each student individually. Our instructors will encourage your child to push themselves, redefining what they thought their limits and capabilities were. Students are continuously surprised that their bodies and minds go further than ever expected. The ability to use their mind and body to the fullest will carry through your child's life, as previously impossible challenges now appear as opportunities. The physical and character foundations built at NCMMA have helped children excel in their academic, sports, familial, and social endeavors. We have yet to meet a child who cannot benefit from our kids kickboxing program. Whether your child is shy, has learning or behavioral challenges, has boundless energy, or isn't challenged enough in physical or mental pursuits-- we enable every child to excel. Our dedicated staff of instructors encourage them to stay on a path of health and fitness for a lifetime. Our students work hard and feel proud of what they accomplish-- often they are capable of much more than they could have dreamed.