Muay Thai, which translates to Thai Boxing, is a system of combat that is over 4 centuries old. During ancient times, the Thai people developed Muay Thai as a dominating and combative system to be used against the enemies from other nations. At that time, Muay Thai was time tested and proven effective by the ancient warriors of Siam. Around the early 1920’s, Thai Boxing spawned into a modern day sport, similar to boxing you would see on TV, and today is known as Thailand’s national sport. Muay Thai teaches the student or fighter to use their most effective natural weapons; fists, knees, elbows and legs. Our Muay Thai program at NCMMA uses a ranking system based on color arm bands that are had made from Thailand for our ranking system. All types of people, worldwide, use Muay Thai to not only learn how to defend themselves, but also as a way to get in shape, burn off stress and most popular, have fun. This class is for men, women and teens and is offered 6 days a week, morning and evenings and is one of our most popular programs at the academy.       securedownload